No Drivers License? We’ve got you covered!

Navigating the world of auto insurance can be a complex process, especially when you’re seeking coverage without a driver’s license. In many states, such a venture would seem like an impossible feat. But not in the Golden State. California is a trailblazer when it comes to progressive legislation that ensures everyone has access to auto insurance – irrespective of their licensing status.

Several reasons may lead to the need for auto insurance without a driver’s license in California. Perhaps multiple attempts at passing the driving test have proved unsuccessful, or you are among the state’s undocumented immigrants. The good news is that California’s comprehensive legislative framework accommodates such scenarios.

Advantages of All Drivers Being Licensed and Insured

Before diving deeper, let’s consider the broader benefits of having every driver on California’s roads licensed and insured. First, it enhances safety. Drivers who go through the process of obtaining a license are educated about road rules and safety, which reduces the risk of accidents. Second, it ensures that in the event of an accident, all parties involved have the financial protection necessary to cover the costs of property damage or medical expenses, reducing the burden on the state’s health and welfare systems.

In 2013, California enacted Assembly Bill 60 (AB-60), allowing individuals who cannot provide proof of legal residence in the United States to obtain a driver’s license. By 2020, this progressive legislation resulted in the issuance of over a million AB-60 licenses. These licenses enhance safety on our roads and ensure that drivers, irrespective of immigration status, are adequately insured.

But what if you’re unable to pass the driving test? Not to worry, California’s got you covered. The state allows vehicle owners to buy and register cars without a driver’s license. As long as there’s a licensed driver operating the vehicle – be it a household member or an employee – you can register and insure a car in your name.

Insurance Providers for Those Without a License

For individuals seeking insurance without a driver’s license, insurance providers like Dairyland Auto Insurance and Infinity Auto, a Kemper Company, specialize in this niche. Known for providing coverage to non-standard drivers, these companies offer policies to those who may struggle to secure insurance elsewhere.

As an independent agency, Cal Patriot Insurance Services can connect you with these insurers. Our in-depth understanding of California’s insurance laws and dedicated team of experts can help you secure the auto insurance you need, regardless of your licensing status.

At Cal Patriot Insurance Services, we believe in making auto insurance accessible to everyone. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals who are unable to pass their driving test or undocumented immigrants. Our goal is to ensure you stay on the right side of the law, meet your transportation needs, and contribute to safer roads in California.

You don’t have to navigate the sometimes-winding road of auto insurance alone. Contact Cal Patriot Insurance Services today and let us help guide your way, making your journey smoother and your drive more secure.